To Enter the Kingdom, Let the Kingdom Enter You (#552, Christ the King)

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Jesus is the King of everything — stars and planets, stuff, animals — everything but you. Jesus invites but does not force; the choice is yours. Do you want to enter God’s kingdom? Then you must allow the Kingdom of God to enter you. (22 Nov 2015)

Stop Singing Hell’s Theme Song (#551, 33rd Sunday)

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When the world starts to fall apart, we know that Jesus is closer than ever. God loves us and has plans for our ultimate happiness. The theme song of Hell is, “I Did It My Way.” Change your tune! The theme song of Heaven is “Amazing Grace.” (15 Nov 2015)

How to Get Greater Blessings from God (#550, 32nd Sunday)

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The poor widow is not afraid to give away her last piece of bread. God gives her a greater blessing. What is God inviting you to sacrifice? Every Christian must live a life of daily sacrifice until we sacrifice our life itself. (8 Nov 2015)

The Dead are Alive in Christ (#549, All Souls)

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Christ is the vine and we are branches. Our prayers help the dead; their prayers help us. We call this the Communion of Saints. Do you wish Christ had taken your loved one by the hand and said, “Be healed?” Our faith tells us that He did. (2 Nov 2015)

How to Recognize God’s Children, Now and Forever (#548, All Saints)

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God’s children have listened to their Father’s voice and come home forever. God’s Children live the Beatitudes; their actions flow from pure hearts. Bring your messy heart to Jesus. Put it on the altar, and let Him wash it in His blood. (1 Nov 2015)

Giving and Serving Makes Us Like God (#547, 19th Sunday)

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To be like Jesus, we have to be willing to join him in giving and serving without looking for a reward. When we do, we are pleasantly surprised at what we receive. Because giving and serving generously makes us like God Himself. (18 Oct 2015)

Jesus Is Worth More Than Many Possessions (#546, 28th Sunday)

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To inherit Eternal Life you must follow Jesus and let go of the security you have built for yourself. What have you built to give yourself security? Don’t be afraid to follow Jesus away from them. Only Jesus can give you Eternal Life. (11 Oct 2015)

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