Bishops Appeal: Missionaries of Mercy (#610, 5th Sunday)

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Isaiah, Paul and Peter encounter God’s mercy and then bring it to others. The Year of Mercy instituted by Pope Francis is about both receiving mercy and offering mercy. How is God calling you to be a missionary of mercy? [AUDIO/VIDEO]

The Ultimate Power in the Universe (#609, 4th Sunday)

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Love is the ultimate power and it can only be used for good. Selfishness leads to the dark side. We should love like Jesus in our family, our parish, and our Catholic school. The sacrifices we make manifest our love, and love never fails. [AUDIO]

Christians are Sent to Save the World (#608, 3rd Sunday)

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Christ brings us the Good News and asks us to join His mission. Christians must be Christ-like, especially on snow-bound busses and at the sides of caskets. None of us can be Christ on your own; ask the Holy Spirit to help you. You are sent! [AUDIO]

Marriage, Miracles, and Banana Peels (#607, 2nd Sunday)

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Marriage begins in the Garden of Eden. Chastity preserves marriage from the corruption of sin. This is the first wine. The Sacrament of Matrimony is the new wine: an image of the love of God himself that desires a One Flesh union with us. [AUDIO]

If You Want Your Family To Be Happy, Give Your Children Away (#606, Holy Family)

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Hannah shows us that children are a gift. Jesus teaches that all are meant to give. A family must learn the Law of the Gift: Man cannot find himself except in a sincere gift of self. May your family be a holy family. [AUDIO]

Jesus Is Not Afraid Of The Dark (#605, Christmas)

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The year 2015 was pretty dark. There’s plenty of darkness in the Christmas story too. Jesus is not afraid of the dark. He loves you and wants a relationship with you. He wants you to love him in return. Train yourself to look for the Light. [AUDIO]

Eat, Drink, and be Mary (#604, Advent 4)

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Mary was humble enough to receive Jesus, obedient, and generous. When you go to a party, do you welcome guests like Elizabeth does? Do you bring Jesus along with you like Mary does? It’s time for Christmas parties: Eat, Drink, and be Mary. [AUDIO]

Jesus Is Closer Than Ever, Which is Good Because I Really Need a Savior (#603, Advent 3)

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If your Advent hasn’t gone well, that’s OK — we aren’t supposed to rejoice in ourselves. Just be generous, be honest, and be humble. That will be enough. God will do the rest. We need a savior, and He’s closer than ever. Rejoice! [AUDIO]

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