Fr. Joel’s homily for Dec 27

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Chr – To be a Holy Family (6:50) Christmas, Holy Family. The recording is very poor so here is an abbreviated transcript of the homily. A couple of weeks ago a woman in our parish brought me a box of … Continued

Fr. Joel’s homily for Christmas 2009

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Christmas – Christ the Perfect Gift (8:10)Christmas Day. The best gifts are the homemade ones; they are one-of-a-kind and they reveal a lot about the giver. Christ is just such a custom-made gift. He reveals that God is a God … Continued

Christmas Memories

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– Fr. Benjamin Christmas has always been a time of great excitement for me. My parents made church services an important part of the Christmas season, and often my father would read the account of Christmas from the Gospel of … Continued

Fr. Joel’s homily for Dec 20

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Adv4 – Pregnant with Hope (6:30) Advent, 4th Sunday. The world has been growing darker, but meanwhile our Advent wreath is growing brighter. Hope is already in the world though we have not yet seen its effects. In the same … Continued

H1N1 and the Priest

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Even priestly ministry has been touched by swine flu. Our local Catholic hospital has put special requirements in place for anyone who is dealing with H1N1 patients. Specifically, you must wear an N95 “particulate mask” when dealing with such patients. … Continued

Living Well – True Joy

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At his weekly Angelus this weekend, Pope Benedict blessed the Baby Jesus for nativity scenes. His little address is very interesting. If what he says is true (I’ll let the reader judge that), it contains the key to true joy: … Continued

Fr. Joel’s homily for Dec 13

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Adv3 – Rejoice, the Lord is Near (7:50) Advent, 3rd Sunday. Rejoice in the Lord always, the Lord is near! John the Baptist calls his listeners to their deepest desires – Peace, Joy, and Unconditional Love. These desires can only … Continued

Fr. Joel’s homily for Dec 6

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Adv2 – Make way for the King (5:25) Advent, 2nd Sunday. The king is coming and he promises to bring Glory, Joy, Light, Justice and Peace, but only those whose hearts are open to receive him. What are the mountains … Continued

Soft sole moccasins

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– Fr. Benjamin My little brother’s slippers had holes in them. He likes to take his shoes off at the door and wear moccasins all day long, and he had worn through his $17 slippers. “We could make you some … Continued

Living Well – Gratitude

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"We must change from looking at the lack in our lives to looking at the abundance in our lives and being grateful." – LaVon Rader This little quote was part of a presentation on living a simple abundant life at … Continued

Living Well – A New Series

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Priests see people at their worst. It would be odd if I went through a whole week without someone breaking down and crying in front of me. “Father, can I meet with you?,” people always ask. Chances are slim that … Continued

Fr. Joel’s homily for Nov 8

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Ord32 – How to buy Heaven for Two Pennies (9:11) Ordinary Time, 32nd Sunday. What do we do when even our best isn’t good enough? Today we see two widows who do not have enough. One gives here little to … Continued

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