Earth Day & Sunday

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Breakfast always has an air unreality about it, perhaps because a thin barrier of coffee is all that separates it from the dreamworld. My breakfast the other day was touched by the mystical when I stumbled on a quote in … Continued

Fr. Joel’s homily for Apr 25

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East4 – The Power of Love (7:45)Easter, 4th Sunday. Tyrants beware! Christ destroys the power of fear with the power of his self-giving love. There is nothing more powerful; if we will let Him into our lives, it will set … Continued

Fr. Joel’s homily for Easter 2010

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Easter Sunday – The Resurrection changes Everything (14:30)Easter Sunday. Why is the empty tomb good news? Because it means that Christ is Risen, Truly Risen! No longer is the grave our ultimate destiny. The tomb becomes a launchpad to new … Continued

Fr. Joel’s homily for Good Friday

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Good Friday – My Best Friend Died Today (3:30)Good Friday. My best friend died today. And I killed him. I didn’t mean to, but I did. I had other friends and other activities, things I knew he wouldn’t be proud … Continued