A Tale of Two Prayer Cards

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When a priest is ordained he traditionally issues a commemorative prayer card.  On this, the 3rd year anniversary of our ordination to the priesthood, I thought it appropriate to reflect on the prayer cards that my brother and I had … Continued

Homily for the 13th Sunday by Fr. Joel

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Ordinary Time, 13th Sunday. What is the difference between Elisha in the first reading and the other three in the Gospel? Elisha wants to give God everything, it will just take him some time. The other three plan on holding something back from God. What amazing things God can do if we are willing to surrender everything! We see this in the life of Sr. Francis Xavier. We could see it in you life too. [click the post for audio content]

Homily for Fathers Day by Fr. Joel

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http://media.libsyn.com/media/wordcast/2010ord12.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (0.0KB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | How to SubscribeDying to be a Man Ordinary Time, 12th Sunday. Learning to play an instrument involves suffering, but it’s worth it. Sin mostly happens when … Continued

Welcome to BrotherPriests.com

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For the past two weeks, we have been diligently putting together this new web site.  You can already tell that this site is a little more powerful than our previous one, while actually being easier to navigate. Our homilies can … Continued

Homily for the 11th Sunday by Fr. Joel

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We judge other people by what they do and by what they own. We judge ourselves the same way. But King David learns that God’s love for him is a more important standard. The woman in today’s Gospel responds by loving Jesus with all her heart. We have heard that God loves us, but do we really believe it? [click the post for an audio link]

Sacred Heart of Jesus

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Solemnity of the Sacred Heart Have we come to know and to believe in the love God has for us? In the Old Testament we hear that God chose Israel, not because they were a great nation, not because they … Continued

Arrogant Scum

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Since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded  and burned and sunk to the sea floor on 20 April 2010, the world has been watching a terrible tragedy unfold. Oil continues to leak from an unstoppable deep-sea gusher.  The big question … Continued

Homily for Corpus Christi by Fr. Joel

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Ordination and Marriage involving placing one’s life in the hands of another. God invites us to place our life in His hands, but we hesitate. So, even though we are unworthy of it, God places His life in our hands. What are you going to do with it? [click on the article for audio content]