Son of a gentle God (Baptism of the Lord)

Son of a gentle God (Baptism of the Lord)

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The moment when Jesus was baptized in the Jordan river (Matthew 4:13-17) reveals to us that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who is exactly like His Father in all things. Jesus is not the son of a violent or fighting god, but the Son of a gentle and peaceful God. In our baptism, we have been adopted as sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. As Jesus reveals Himself during His ministry, He also challenges us to become more like Him in our thoughts, in our words, and in our actions.

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  1. remaining anonymous

    Hello Father, This article regarding the Baptism of Jesus is beautiful. However, would you be willing to please find it in your heart to hear me, as i just ran across an article you wrote back in August 2011. Here is an excerpt:

    “In fact, our faith teaches that marriage itself is an incomplete form of love, when seen in comparison to what God has planned for us, and so is celibacy. The communion between husband and wife is only an imperfect expression of the communion of love which we await between Christ and His Church. Celibacy is a better expression of the fact that we are awaiting this consummation, but celibacy is nonetheless incomplete in this life and awaits its fullness in Heaven.”

    I’ve been thinking on this for quite a little while and am wondering, since you state marriage and celibacy are both incomplete, by whose authority do you say celibacy is a better expression of the communion of love as we await Christ and His Church? Why would God bother to offer participation in His Divine life, creation in His image, in allowing us to be fruitful and multiply? Would you argue the Christ-centered family is an invasion of Love in this world only following behind the other whose celibacy is (a better expression), and therefore, more pleasing to God? The giving of Samuel back to God is a most beautiful expression and participation in the Divine Life. Baptism, LIFE, here and now, the proliferation of God building His Kingdom here on Earth.

    God calls us to union with HIM, only HE can read hearts, and only HE passes out the gift of celibacy. Please don’t misunderstand, I most heartfully advocate celibacy as support in discernment and/or an avenue to holiness. In other words, it’s God’s call, it’s HIS law, not ours. Mandatory celibacy promotes division.