Every Life Matters in Captain America: Civil War

Fr. Joel Society Today

Superhero movies always have collateral damage. That’s the innocent people who run away screaming as the bad guy blows up their city. You aren’t supposed to worry about those people. The superheros saved the day. Yeah! This movie is about those other people. They leave behind loved ones who grieve their loss. Their lives mattered, even if they came from unimportant …

FBI vs Apple: Why It Matters to You

Fr. Joel Society Today

Apple Refuses to Unlock Terrorist’s iPhone, reads the headline. Headlines have a way of confusing the truth. The iPhone in question belonged to Syed Farook, one of the perpetrator of the San Bernardino shooting. The FBI has his iPhone and wants to see what’s inside. Apple already provided them technical assistance and the contents of an iCloud backup. But Apple …

Concussion movie poster

Concussion: A Hard-Hitting Movie

Fr. Joel Church meets World, Society Today

“Nothing hits harder than the truth” is the tag line from the movie Concussion. Dr. Bennet Omalu (Will Smith), a Nigerian immigrant and county coroner, investigates the tragic death of former football player Mike Webster (David Morse). He won’t stop digging until he discovers the true cause of death: football. That’s not something the National Football League wants to hear. …

Dual Monitors

5 Tools for Productivity across Multiple Computers

Fr. Joel Free Range, Society Today

Priestly ministry has always faced many challenges: lapsed Catholics, disgruntled volunteers, Diocesan policy, the Devil…. But in the world of today, the biggest challenge can be multiple locations. Many priests are shared between two, three, even four parishes. In my case I split time between two offices. That can lead to lots of frustrations. Maybe you took down a name …


“I can do whatever I want” = false

Benjamin Society Today

“I am free to make my own choices” is a statement that is rings true to us. The fact that we have freedom is evident not only in our sense of our own life, but also because all the people around us, most of the time, act as if they had free will. In our Secular Modern society, this statement …

Our Lady of Guadalupe & dragon

The birth control mandate: will the Church swallow the pill?

Benjamin Church meets World, Society Today

The recent birth control mandate of the US government forces the Church to face a serious decision. Beginning in August of 2013, every private insurance plan will have to cover sterilizations, contraceptives, and drugs that cause abortions. The exemption is extremely narrow, about the size of the eye of a needle. It exempts churches but not a huge number of …

Family in a bad economy

Benjamin Church meets World, Society Today

The economies of the United States and Europe have not left the recession they entered when the bubble on real-estate burst. It is looking less and less likely that real economic progress will happen any time soon, since the so-called first world has a birth rate too low to cause real expansion to the economy, and the current generation seems …

Arrogant Scum

Fr. Joel Society Today

Since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded  and burned and sunk to the sea floor on 20 April 2010, the world has been watching a terrible tragedy unfold. Oil continues to leak from an unstoppable deep-sea gusher.  The big question that seems to be on people’s minds is, “What went wrong?” A congressional investigation is ongoing into the causes of …

Zombies vs. Vampires

Fr. Joel Society Today

Halloween is the perfect time to reflect on the strange new popularity of zombies and vampires. The early vampire movies depicted creepy old men sucking the blood of young women while they slept. They were a form of undead that had to sleep during the day to avoid the killing power of sunlight. But the new vampires are young and …