We Are Family and LOVE Is Our Mission (#530, Holy Trinity)

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Three persons, one God: the Trinity is a family. The three persons take their identity from their relationships. The Spirit makes us members of God’s family and gives us our identity and mission: to love one another. (31 May 2015)

The Spirit Connects Us to God and Others (#529, Pentecost)

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The Spirit restores Communication and Community by overcoming language barriers and forgiving sin. The Spirit gives little nudges to move us out of the grasping and isolation of consumerism into the receiving and giving of true relationship. (24 May 2015)

Jesus Ascends and Sends Us a Lifeline (#528, Ascension)

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Jesus ascends to the top of the cliff and takes his seat on the edge. He attaches us to the Holy Spirit and gives us full attention as we climb. Through the Spirit we receive what we need and share our love, joy, thanks, and suffering. (17 May 2015)

What Happens When You Fall in Love… with God (#527, Easter 6)

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Do you want to be friends with Jesus? Then you have to fall in love. Pray for this grace. Give God permission to love you, and to love others through you. Now we know what it means to be God’s friends: to love one another as He loves us. (10 May 2015)

Listen, My Priest!

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Leave aside the things that distract you from Me. I am the One Thing Necessary to you in this life. Save your eyes, your ears, your mouth, your hands, and your heart, your whole being for Me, and I will … Continued

Wounded Shepherd, Wounded Sheep (#525, Easter 4)

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The Good Shepherd bears wounds from dying for his sheep. His sheep bear the same wounds. This unconditional loving becomes the cornerstone of our lives, and enables us to avoid dead-ends of selfishness. Follow the wounded shepherd. (26 Apr 2015)

Food to Sustain Us on Our Journey to the Promised Land (#524, First Communion)

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God fed the Israelites with manna in the desert until they reached the Promised Land. We walked through the Red Sea when we were baptized. Now God feeds us with the Eucharist on our journey through the Spiritual desert and into Heaven. (19 Apr 2015)

We Must Die If We Want to Rise (#523, Easter 3)

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I watched 31 high school kids die and rise. It is written that the Christ must suffer and die in order to rise, but so also must every Christian. We all want the joy of the Resurrection, but the only way to get there is the road of the Cross. (20 Apr 2015)

Our Mission: Bring Others to God’s Mercy (#522, Divine Mercy)

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The members of God’s family all have a job to do. We must bring God’s mercy to the needy, the sinners, and the doubters among us. Jesus told Sr. Faustina about His Divine Mercy. Let’s receive God’s mercy. Let’s bring others to God’s mercy. (12 Apr 2015)

I Know Jesus is Risen Because I see Him Within You (#521, Easter Sunday)

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Where is Jesus? He is with us on the road and at the Mass. Every Sunday we practice for Heaven. Keep searching for Jesus and He will find you. Receive Him and others will find Him within you and say: Christ is Risen! (5 Apr 2015)

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