An Hour in Heaven (#642, 22nd Sunday)

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Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C) • Seek humility and honors will come to you. Jesus models this humility when he welcomes the poor, the crippled, the lame and the blind. Through the Mass heaven comes to earth and we are caught up into heaven. It is a place of encounter with God and His people. Jesus wants us to welcome others as He welcomes us.Read More

Can Golf Get You To Heaven? (#641, 21st Sunday)

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Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C) • Will few be saved, or many? Jesus doesn’t answer the question. Instead he says, “Strive to enter in.” Healthy living is possible for everyone but it requires hard work. Golf is simple but it isn’t easy. There’s lots of ways to do it badly; it requires discipline to do it well. Hitting the ball well is a narrow door.

In a similar way, all humans are called to a life of self-giving love. Its simple but it isn’t easy. It requires a lot of discipline and practice. All of us were made for greatness, and we can achieve it with God’s help, as long as we strive to enter in.Read More


“Come on Brother Ass!” or How to Face Resistance (#640, 20th Sunday)

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Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C) • Despite my running conversion, my body still complains. We face resistance within ourselves. We also face resistance all around us. Jeremiah stayed faithful to God in the face of resistance. God isn’t welcome in our schools, our nation, or our personal lives. Those who listen to the voice of God find themselves unpopular and unwelcome. We must face remain faithful in the face of resistance. The saints surround us a cheer us on. Keep your eyes on the coach and you’ll be able to keep running the race.Read More

Now Its Your Turn to Return (#639, 19th Sunday)

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Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C) • God wants us to invest in other people. And God has been investing in us.  Leah Darrow discovered she had spent all her gifts and talents on herself. God was disappointed that she had nothing to offer him. What do you have to give back to God?Read More

3 Top Picks for Returns that Are Out of this World (#638, 18th Sunday)

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Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C) • Everything is a puff a wind or a bubble; it pops when you grab it. Wealth and possessions, power, fame, youth and health: all bubbles. They are not bad but they do not give security.  “We are far too easily pleased,” says CS Lewis.

How can we be rich in what matters to God? “Faith, hope, and love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” (1 Cor 13:13). Our relationship with God will endure forever. Hope in God’s Kingdom will not burst. And works of charity and love are eternal. People matter more to God than possessions. Invest in others and you will be rich in what matters to God.

(31 Jul 2016)Read More

Martha: A Saint for Busy People

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The Catholic Church celebrates the feast of St. Martha on July 29. Many people are surprised to realize that Martha is a saint. Her most famous words, after all, are telling Jesus what to do: “Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Tell her then to help me.” (Luke 10:40) But there is more to Martha than a busy and anxious woman.

The Lesson Martha Learned

Most of us easily identify with Martha. The spirit of our age is to feel anxious and worried about many things. As a busy Diocesan priest it is easy to become burdened with much serving. My prayer is often spent wondering why Jesus doesn’t do more to help me: “Lord, don’t you care?” Martha and I have become is so focused on the work of the Lord that we have lost sight of the Lord of the work. Jesus has become our helper rather than our Master. He’s not a very good helper.Read More

The Answer to Unanswered Prayer (#637, 17th Sunday)

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Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C) · God is perfectly transcendent (above and beyond) and also totally imminent (right in front of us). We must be persistent in our prayer, just like Abraham was persistent. What about when we don’t get what we want? Our Father knows what is best, and wants what is best for us. Sometimes we are the ones standing in the way. But beyond the things we need, the greatest gift God can give is the gift of himself. “The answered prayer was that they knew God was there.”Read More


The Mysterious Mary Magdalene

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After the Blessed Virgin Mary herself, there is perhaps no woman in the New Testament more intriguing than Mary Magdalene. She has figured prominently in art, the naming of churches, and even popular fiction. Pope Francis just elevated her feast day, July 22, to greater importance. Church holy days have three ranks: Memorial, Feast, and Solemnity. Mary Magdalene is moving from a Memorial to a Feast. The official decree explains why:

Given that in our time the Church is called to reflect in a more profound way on the dignity of Woman, on the New Evangelisation and on the greatness of the Mystery of Divine Mercy, it seemed right that the example of Saint Mary Magdalene might also fittingly be proposed to the faithful. In fact this woman, known as the one who loved Christ and who was greatly loved by Christ, and was called a “witness of Divine Mercy” by Saint Gregory the Great and an “apostle of the apostles” by Saint Thomas Aquinas, can now rightly be taken by the faithful as a model of women’s role in the Church.

Just what do we know about Mary Magdalene, and what can we learn from her?Read More

Jesus is the One Thing (#636, 16th Sunday)

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Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C) · What if instead of “so much going on” you had only one thing to worry about? Abraham only worries about making his visitors feel welcome. Martha has Jesus in her home but is too anxious and worried to actually listen to Him. We need to look at Jesus and through him simplify our lives. Jesus doesn’t want to be just one more thing in your busy schedule; Jesus is the One Thing.Read More