Marriage is for Children (#545, 27th Sunday)

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Human beings were designed by God to mate for life. Marriage creates a safe place for children, which is why children hate divorce. Jesus calls us back to our childhood innocence. Come to him, let him heal you, and do not forbid others. (4 Oct 2015)

Jesus Is Worth More Than An Eyeball (#544, 26th Sunday)

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The name of Jesus is powerful to bless and heal. Whatever brings us closer to Jesus is good; whatever brings us farther away from Jesus is bad. What about your hobbies, habits, friends – do they bring away from Jesus? Jesus is worth more. (27 Sep 2015)

The Nobody is the Greatest (#543, 25th Sunday)

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We are like little children: God’s love embraces us, for we are each the greatest in God’s eyes. Don’t be afraid to be a “nobody” and to welcome the “nobodies” of this world. When we build up others, we are building the Kingdom of God. (20 Sep 2015)

The Sign of True Love (#542, 24th Sunday)

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It’s not enough to say “I Love You”; we must do it. Jesus loves by serving and sacrificing. So must we. He asks His friends to walk with Him down the road of suffering. We should never fear the cross for it is the sign of True Love. (13 Sep 2015)

The Baptized Need to Be Opened (#541, 23rd Sunday)

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The Lord Jesus made the deaf to hear and the mute to speak. May he soon touch your ears to receive His word and your mouth to proclaim His faith, to the praise and glory of God the Father. Spend quality time with Jesus and let Him “open” you. (6 Sep 2015)

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