The Heavenly Community of Life and Love (#429, Holy Trinity)

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5 Days, 13 walkers, 58 miles — another successful walking pilgrimage! We found that forming community was hard work. Only the Holy Trinity forms community easily because God is not afraid to give. The family images the Trinity, and so does the parish. These lead us to realize that we are welcomed into the Heavenly family of God himself. Do not be afraid to give; the Father gives so much more in return.

Faith is a journey toward glory (28th Sunday OT)

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Faith is a journey from where we are, to where God wants us to be. The story of Naaman the Syrian is one example of the journey of faith. He was seeking only for a physical healing, but through his journey he found faith in the Lord God. Human life is a journey towards God, a journey towards glory, and we do not walk this journey alone but Jesus Christ walks with us.

Leave your Baggage in the Tomb (Homily for Easter 3)

posted in: Homilies | 0 Play in new window | Download (0.0KB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | How to SubscribeAll we need is Jesus; leave your Baggage in the Tomb (10:10) Easter, 3rd Sunday. On our pilgrimage through life, we drag all kinds … Continued

Homily for Pentecost

posted in: Homilies | 1 Play in new window | Download (0.0KB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS | How to SubscribeThe Spirit moving on Pilgrimage Easter, Pentecost Sunday. Just like the wind, you cannot see the Spirit, but you can see the effects of … Continued

Holy Pilgrimage!

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I’m out of the office this week, I tell people.“On vacation?”, they ask.“No, I’ll be on pilgrimage.”“All week?”“Yes. I’m walking from Oshkosh to Holy Hill. It’s a distance of 65 miles.”“What?????? You’re walking???”Yes, I am. The tradition of the pilgrimage … Continued